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Here are several answers to some of our clients' most common questions. Please contact us if you have additional questions:

What type of data will I get after my purchase?

Our data is in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, which can easily be opened with any text reader, Excel, and many other applications. It can also be easily input into any major database system and is supported by all major programming languages. Please feel free to download a sample file to see what it looks like.

The following table lists all the data fields. Base data, address, phone, and fax can be purchased separately.
All Fields Base Address Phone Fax Note
UMD ID       Unique identifier of the listing
NPI       National Provider Identifier
First Name        
Middle Name        
Last Name        
Gender       M or F
Suffix       Dr, Mrs, Ms, etc.
Title       MD, DO, PHD, OD, DDS, etc.
Specialty       E.g. doctor, dentist, therapist, nurse
Sub Specialty       E.g. radiologist, pediatric dentist
Sub Sub Specialty       E.g. diagnostic radiology, gynecologic oncology
Address 1       DC + 50 states of U.S. only
Address 2      
Latitude       Precise to the zip code only
Phone       In the format of xxx-xxx-xxxx
* The transmit of unsolicited advertisements to facsimile machines is prohibited by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The following is a complete listing of the specialties and sub-specialties.

How do you deliver the data?

Immediately after you have paid our license fee, the data will be available for online download instantly in CSV format. We include with each license grant a complimentary one year service contract, which will enable to you receive updates to your Licensed Product. You may log in into your account to download the most recent data available as many times as you would like during the term of your service contract. Upon expiration of your service contract, you may renew your service contract on an annual basis to continue to receive updates to your License Product. The service fee for the annual service contract for updates is 50% of the original license fee.

Where did you obtain the data?

The data we sell was originally collected by various government agencies. We obtained the data from these government agencies under the Freedom of Information Act. We then invested a huge amount of capital and time in collecting, combining, filtering, processing, organizing, and arranging the data. We did not add, create, or collect any of the data via any private channels whatsoever. Therefore, all the information we sell is legal public information.

Do you have email?

No. We do not encourage cold emailing or mass emailing. Therefore, we do not sell email addresses.

Do you have data for other countries?

No. We license our arrangement of U.S. data only (the "Licensed Product").

What are your license restrictions?

You are prohibited from distributing, sharing, renting, reselling, leasing, sublicensing, disclosing, or transferring all or any part of the Licensed Product to any third party. You are prohibited from publishing or incorporating the Licensed Product into any Internet website, directory, or other public forum. If you need additional rights to the Licensed Product, please contact us to request a more extensive license. Please click here for our full End User License Agreement.

You are responsible to ensure your usage of the data is in compliance with the laws, including, but not limited to, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which prohibit the transmission of unsolicited advertisements to facsimile machines. We are not responsible for the loss or damage caused by your improper use of the data.

How to change my information or remove myself from the database?

Our Company receives data collected by government agencies on physicians and medical practices, which we obtain through the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, the information in our database is public information made publicly available by the government, which may also be available through other websites. In the event that your personal information is in our database and you wish to review, update, delete, or correct that information, then you need to contact the various government agencies which collect information on physicians and medical practices and update your personal information directly with those government agencies. We regularly update our data from our government sources and once your information is updated in the government repositories we will receive those updates automatically and will then synchronize our database with the updated information. If you are listed in our database and, for any reason, you do not want your listing to be included, you may complete the online removal request form.

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