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US Med Data

Why Use Us?

While there are many great reasons to purchase our data, we provide unique, high-quality data with advanced customization tools – at a very competitive price:

High-quality data, updated monthly

While no healthcare listing data sources are 100% accurate, we are very diligent about updating our data to ensure you receive the highest quality possible. We update our data each month with sophisticated filters to ensure the highest accuracy possible.

Unlimited data usage license

You can use our arrangement of the data (the "Licensed Product") for your own internal purposes, as many times, and as long as you like, in accordance with our end user license agreement. As with most data banks, you are prohibited from selling or transferring the Licensed Product to a third party and from publishing or incorporating the Licensed Product into any Internet website, directory, or other public forum. If you require additional rights to the Licensed Product, please contact us to request a more comprehensive license.

License only the data you need – no more, no less

Select and download your data menu with our advanced, customized data tools. We provide the options to select the specialties or subspecialties, data fields, geo-location based on state, city, county, zip, or distance. This means you will never waste money on data you do not need. If the tools we provide do not meet your needs, please contact us with your requirements.

Worry-free data usage

The data we make available through this website was originally collected by various government agencies. We obtained the data from these government agencies under the Freedom of Information Act. We then invested a huge amount of capital and time in collecting, combining, filtering, processing, organizing, and arranging the data. We did not add, create, or collect any of the data via any private channels whatsoever. Therefore, all the information we sell is legal public information, making it worry-free for you to use the data.

Instant, online delivery – no hassles, no waiting

Once you pay the license fee, you can download the Licensed Product instantly, online – as many times as you like.

Receive free updates for a whole year

Every license fee comes with a complimentary one-year service contract, which gives you access to an entire year of free updates to your Licensed Product. After your first year of free updates you can still continue to use the data without additional cost. Should you want to continue to get updated data for additional years, you can extend your service contract annually for updates at a savings of 50% off the original cost.

Get deep discounts for renewals

Upon expiration of your complimentary first year service contract for receiving updates, you may renew your service contract on an annual basis in order to continue to receive updates to your License Product. The annual service fee is 50% off of the original cost of the license fee and will allow you to log in for an additional year of updates. The expiration of the service contract won't affect your unlimited data usage license.

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